Aegir Sea

Aegir Sea is vast body of a saline water surrounding the Thyra‘s sole supercontinent. The Aegir Sea is as majestic as its unpredictable, due to the huge freak waves that constantly hammer the majority of its vast coastlines. The Spelheim‘s serene coastal waters are a pleasant exception, yet still inhabiting populations of the ravenous garanna fish. Deeper into the sea, gargantuan sea beasts await, easily able to snatch the low-flying airships out of the sky. Or so the legends say…

Thus, the bottom of the great ocean is largely left unexplored. Yet the lure of a potential discovery has sank many intrepid explorer’s to their murky fates.

The coastal regions close to the realm of Jotunheim are frozen by its ravaging, eternal ice age. They are thus wrought with crag ice formations and unstable glaciers. Apart from the main continent, the ocean has a few viable landmasses. The most notable of the large islands are the artificially made Sorum Isles to the the south-west.

Aesir Sea biography

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