Aesir Chronicles BREAKOUT mobile game

Aesir Chronicles BREAKOUT game

It is time of the Great Race War. The Feline Matriarchate has suddenly turned on their former Canine allies in an effort to establish a new Feline-run world order. Captured by the Matriarchate, the “Aesir Chronicles: Breakout” takes the players deep into the depths of the Feline Director Skuld’s private research facility. They are given a task to escape the complex in the live Breakout broadcast! The main characters of the Breakout game are prince Meru, soldier Artika, beggar Rixli and the trader Tatl. Each of the characters also possess their own unique skill to turn the match to their advantage!

Inspired by asian Go, a popular strategy board game, challenge your competition in a turn-based multiplayer matches with changing rules, random game arenas and more. Lock and unlock doors or destroy them with explosives from the Raven Syndicate’s shop! Just keep in mind, whoever traps the other player first, wins the round. The multiplayer includes a comprehensive ladder system of 10 levels, as well as lobby area for a more dedicated challenge.

Simple, no? Addictive? YES!

Multiplayer features & Content

  • Skill-based 10-tier multiplayer ladder system!
  • Purchase Stardom-points to advance in the ladder or play your way through!
  • Turn-based tactical gameplay!
  • Random game arenas!
  • Lobby system!
  • Free-to-play!
  • Tie-in to the greater Aesir Chronicles universe with an upcoming serie of minicomics titled the “Fates of Breakout”, exploring the intertwining fates of the four main “Aesir Chronicles Breakout” characters beginning with Aesir Chronicles: Fates of Breakout Volume 1 – “Meru”

The Breakout is sponsored by the Volusia Genecare! (Caress your Genes!)

Release: TBA

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