Garanna Fish

Sharp-toothed and ravenous to the marrow, the garanna fish inhabit the world-encircling Aegir Sea, particularly in the warm eastern coastlines of the Spelheim desert. Dangerous to catch and time-consuming to prepare, they are nonetheless a well sought-out delicacy and hunters are paid well for their ripe meat. Its small, sharp bones are also made use on the various saurian scaali tribal jewelry. The garanna fish generally hunt in large packs. Thus, they can quickly bring down their often-careless prey in their weight of numbers.

While they are mostly found near the warm coastal areas, some pod have nonetheless made their way into the underground temples or sunken shrines inland via underground rivers, presenting an unseen woe to any explorers. Most specimen grow to 30-35cm in overall size, though some larger variations have been sighted.


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