The gryphon is the most numerous of all the indigenous wildlife on Thyra. Numerous breeds of them exist from the tunnelling sand gryphons of Spelheim, to the winged ice gryphons of Jotunheim. The largest of the breed is the massive colossal- type. The smallest breed is known as the mini gryph and fits neatly into a person’s pocket.

Many of them are mildly intelligent. Although officially classed as animals, they able to understand the basic thyranese speech. Few of them are even able to speak. These abilities, along with their superior eyesight makes them adept spies. The gryphons also tend to develop an obsession to jewels and will stop at nothing to hoard them. Gryphs are used to perform various everyday roles in the thyran society. Their tasks range from the ceremonial duties to being mundane pets.

// History – Gryphon

Great race war

Many of the Gryphons have been weaponized for the great race war. The war gryphons are encased in customized body armor modules. They are armed with low-yield repeater cannons on their backs. To protect their vital senses of hearing and vision, their combat helmets come equipped with polarized lenses and ear coverings.

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