Matriarchate Pulse Rifle MAR-A2

MAR-A2 Pulse Rifle is the standard service weapon issued to the Feline soldiers. It is an energy based weapon. The rifles uses phase transition to heat liquefied crystals into a state of plasma. The plasma is pressured in a containment field that dissipates. The energy is then discharged via the focusing crystal. The Rifle has an integrated lasersight, targeting scope and a rail. The rail is used for securely attaching it into an armor plating.

Pulse Rifles were built in secret by Skuld, in a preparation for the Great Race War. The first batches of the rifles were cleverly hidden in many medical pods strewn across Midgård. There they would stay out of service until needed for. When the Great Race War began, these pods sprung up and opened. The eager loyalists were then armed with the top grade firepower. Natural to the Phase Transition process, the Rifle generates a lot of heat when firing.

MAR-A2 Pulse Rifle History

Armed with the Rifles, a faction of Felines attack the Crystal Guard.

The Crystal Guard are massacred by a faction of felines.

Canines take a shipment of Pulse Rifles from a medical pod.

Canines take a MAR-A2 Pulse Rilfle shipment.

Class: MAR-A2

Classification: Rifle

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MAR-A2 Pulse Rifle
MAR-A2 Pulse Rifle