Feline Matriarchate

The Feline Matriarchate, or Fel Matriarchate rules the western realm of Vanaheim. It is an empire led by the supreme matriarch, consisting of various clans. These clans rule a sphere in the civilization, with each one built around a main company. These corporations embody the clans’ specialty. For example, the clan Reach is responsible for the research. Another example is the clan Inoctus. The Inoctus has a liability over education and indoctrination. Aside the spheres, they also rule over a section of the realm. Matrairchate’s capital city is Midgård.

The Matriarchate is built on the aspect of order. It has placed her armed forces at the center role. This is true from nursery to law. The military uses primarily airships and mechs. The infantry are armed with energy weapons. It is famous for its Valkyrie special forces and MUUPA series of combat drones. The empire has built its wealth through advanced technology. It’s rules of export are strict. This makes them appear selfish. Free from the aesir, it has sworn to erect a new order. To achieve this, it aims to wipe out the Crystal Guard cultists. It is currently at war with the canine insurgents.

// History – Feline Matriarchate

Pre- great race war

Before the times of war, the Vanaheim’s Matriarchate lived in a relative piece and harmony with the other nations of the world. As the plague-afflicted canine refugees arrived from Jotunheim, felines gave half of the city of Midgård as their new home.

The great race war

As the war began, the Matriarchate begun a swift military armament program and contrary to its earlier policy, the persecution of the canine people.

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