Shira class Fighter

T1 A Shira class Fighter is the Feline aircraft built early at Great Race War. It was devised to combat the Crystal Guard Temple Cruisers during the Battle of Midgård.

The origin of a personal aircraft made the Shira ideal for a conversion. The ship was outfitted with a light Pulse Cannon and a fire control system. With these modifications completed, she was quickly adapted for a combat use. As an added bonus, the pilots were already familiar with the craft.

The pilot controls the craft from a prone position. This is due to minimize the g – forces and to harness their natural flexibility. The downside of the prone controls is the lack of an ejection seat.

The stabilizers provide the ship with lift. They also increase the flight stability. Thrust is provided by a single engine. This assured that the Fighter was fast and agile.

Shira class Fighter History //

Battle of Midgård

The Shira was adopted during the Battle of Midgård. The first squadron prevented many Canine Transports from escaping city. They succesfully destroyed many Temple Cruisers.

T1 A Shira Fighter Render
T1 A Shira Fighter Render

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