Saurian(s) represent the third of the Thyra’s most powerful races. The other two being the Canines and the Felines. The rule of the race is a struggle between the Queen Qetesh and King Ra. The generally accepted ruler is the Queen Qetesh. She holds her court at the Royal city of Wadjet.

They generally prefer to avoid attention. Some have still coiled their talent to become traveling merchants. The haughty Felines of Vanaheim for instance, have grown to love their craft. They are used to various forms of dance and music. The most daring people have also found work as mercenaries in the Great Race War. The Ibis are famous for their sleek airship designs. The Sand Gryphons are revered as the distant ancestors of the Ibis Saurians.

Saurians are divided into several groups alongside the avian Ibis. This includes the serpentine Nagai and the Scaali lizards. The Ibis are based on the Desert of Spelheim. Nagai and Scaali tribes inhabit the woodlands and swamps south of the Great Desert.

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