Spelheim Courier Ship

Spelheim Courier Ship, or Shu-class Courier Ship is a class of aerial transports in service of the Spelheim‘s royal family. Combining sleek aesthetic lines and traditional green/gold colour scheme, a royal courier ship of this type is instantly recognisable as a result of the world-famous Ibis craftmanship.

A Spelheim Courier Ship is usually crewed by a pair of two royal pilots in a forward control cockpit. The ship has a pair of engine nacelles, one located at the tip of each wing. Unlike canine or feline vessels, the Shu-cass Courier uses a form of liquid fuel instead of Crystals to power the ship’s Energe Core.

The ship has a crew of two and a capacity for a court of ten additional passengers. The rear-end of the vessel contains a private cabin reserved for the travelling queen or a prince. Due to the ships’ nature, they are often seen docked at the Wadjet’s royal palace.

// History – Spelheim Courier Ship

Pre – great race war

Great race war

Spelheim Courier Ship arrives on Midgård

A ship of this type, named the Light Pillar was used by Prince Meru on an ill-fated diplomatic mission to Midgård at the outbreak of the Great Race War.

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