Saurian Dynasty

Saurian Dynasty is a loose umbrella organization of a nomadic bird-, and lizard-like races. They generally hail from the Thyra’s central Spelheim Desert as well as her southern marshlands of the Fensalir Evermire and the Jarnvidr Iron Woods. The faction encompasses the native saurian ibis-, saurian Nagai and saurian Scaali tribes. As the officially accepted umbrella term, the Saurian Dynasty effectively unites all of her three sub-groups. Even as every one of them considers itself to be the one and only ‘Dynasty’.

Competition of leadership over the divided faction is harsh. This is especially true between the Ibis queen Qetesh and the isolationist king Ra. The queen Qetesh has achieved a nominal upper hand as a voice of reason, that which many of the saurians adhere. The fact however remains, that while they may listen to her advice, the Scaali and Nagai would never recognize her as their true leader. Also, as the Dynasty does not posses a unified standing army, each settlement is usually being charged with its own protection only by the local constabulary or the hinterland Rangers. The Royal Guard in return, while well-trained, protects the royal family above all and has little to do outside its formal duties.

// History – Saurian Dynasty

Pre- great race war

Before the war, the loose saurian alliance lived in harmony and as a happy medium between the ideologically apart canines and felines. While specializing in diplomacy and art, it’s greatest exports were the aesthetically- pleasing airship designs built by the skilled Ibis crafters.

The great race war

Having stuck between the canine-feline war, Dynasty is diplomatically pressured and must choose a path of a strict non-alignment.

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