Andlang is the residence of the matriarch and the center of the ruling Feline Matriarchate. Also called the Citadel Tower, it watches over the city of Midgård from its highest tip. Thus, the spire is its most famous landmark and the greatest symbol of matriarchate’s reach.

The Spire’s internal areas hold many grand receptions and public services, such as the famous medical facility “Volusia Genecare”. Yet, they are also made to conceal many of the matriachate’s most vital secrets. This includes an underground research facility of the feline’s medical director Skuld. The laboratory is also the site of the weekly “Breakout” survival game brodcasts.

// History – Andlang

Pre- great race war

The Citadel Tower hosts an annual “Aggregation of Freya’s Love”. The aggregation is a forum, which summons together the world leader to discuss diplomacy and to negotiate trade treaties.

The great race war

The Battle of Midgård

Crystal Guard hits the Citadel Tower during the battle in an effort to confiscate the Spear of Gungnir. Feline militias managed to repel the assault and clear out the citadel.

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