The Felines are a proud military race, genetically attuned to the art of war and progress. The Feline Race favours cutting-edge technology to the point of obsession, accepthing nothing less than a masterwork. The genus consist of a number of smaller sub-groups such as the saber-toothed, hardened Sabre of the Ratatoskr Vale or the Vigrid Plain’s fleet- footed Panthro.

While fiercely protective of their own kind and extremely loyal to the ruling Feline Matriarchate, some have nonetheless turned their support to the renegade Crystal Guard cultists. The Crystal Guard felines have since begun to wage war upon the Matrarchate’s loyalist faction.

Overlooking the other races generally runs deep in their blood, more as a racial “feature” than a choice of mind. The Race’s innate sense of superiority and adamant quest for perfection often tends to make them understimate their adversaries. This brilliant mindset is also the driving force behind their successive image as a unified, although expansionist race. Economically, the combined Feline-kind forms strongest economy on the planet with a strong emphasis for powerful a corporate umbrellas.

Feline Race - Cheeta Strain biography

 Feline Race - Panthro Strain biography

 Feline Race - Sabre Strain biography

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