Canine Coalition

The Canine Coalition is a group of rebels fighting the feline loyalists. The group is led by Odin, his second in command is Loki. They are outmatched against the Matriarchate in terms of firepower and expertise. The group is based on Jotunheim. Instead of the regular warfare, the canines have resorted to a war of attrition. Aside it, the group relies on the sheer numbers of its poorly trained army. The rebels are in disorder and a such, are prone to in – fighting.

The group lacks war plants. Instead, they opt to buy their needs straight from the Raven Syndicate. More advanced guns are stolen from the felines. Lacking in airpower, they use a fleet of armed transports. They also use bounty hunters. The group has no standard attire, with the closest being a protective pre – war service gear.

// History – Canine Coalition

The great race war

Battle of Midgård

The early rebel movement is established during the Battle of Midgård. The early movement is armed with stolen Feline weapons, such as the MAR-A2 Pulse Rifles.

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