Jotunheim is the ancient homeland of the canine race. Having laid untouched for ages, the local wildlife has since overtaken the land. The fauna now consists entirely of the wild beasts, such as the ice gryphons. These wild gryphons in particular have formed their own settlements in the frozen mountain caves.

The yggdrasil crystals are at their most abundant in Jotunheim. Past attempts by the Raven Syndicate to exploit the precious resource have failed. This is due to a lack of personnel and more permanent mining facilities.

Under the primal mercy of its elements, most of the Jotunheim is covered by vast central mountain ranges. These mountains extend well into her northern shorelines. Two largely habitable tundras spread unto her western and eastern borders. Its southern and northern shorelines are jagged and broken, having weathered centuries of waves. The result of an eternal ice age and and the subsequent erosion that followed.

// History – Jotunheim

Pre-great race war

Out of nowhere, the land was suddenly afflicted by a terrible plague. Fearful of the disease, the canines were forced to leave their homes in the great exodus to the west.

Great race war

Having escaped the felines from Vanaheim, the canines once again set into the mountainous shelter of their former homeland.

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