Canines are a hardened, migratory race of survivors from the eatern Realm of Jotunheim.

The Canines are not natural soldiers, but creative builders amd scavengers. They lack the means to build many advanced weapons, such as mechs. Thus, they mainly resort to an improvised kinetic guns and wanton thievery. What the race don’t have in finesse, they make it up with their numbers and willpower. They are innate scavengers and thus, have the ability to engineer a simple hardware from almost anything. That being, is their main strength against the Feline Matriarchate’s technological prowess. As an example of the adaptive nature of the race, their transport ships are made out of a scavenged scrap metal.

The canine race is divided into several main breeds. The large Basal are the heavy haulers. Vulpini get by as scouts and technicians.The Lupus will fill the gap as the frontline rebels and workers.

// History – Canine

Pre- great race war

Canine-kind were made to flee their homeland to escape a ravaging plague. Having arrived to the west, they sought aid from the Vanaheim felines. Pleading help from Skuld, she agreed to devise a first temporary cure. After the population was healed, they were allowed to stay. In time, they were even given a portion of Midgård as their new home. The refugees secretly pilfered scrapyards to pile together a fleet of airships, should they ever need to leave.

Great race war

Battle of Midgård

Pursued by the Matriarchate, the canines flee Midgård in force.

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