Fensalir Evermire is one of the less-known frontiers of the known world of Thyra, being mostly an unnavigable marshland primarily inhabited by the native lizard-like Scaali folk. Absent of large-scale settlements and production, the native occupants rely on visiting traders and merchantry, such as the mysterious ‘Gray’s’ for the trade and export of goods. In exchange of certain hard-to-produce technological items, they provide artisantry, jewels and hand-crafted exotic outfits for export.

Due to remote nature of the Fensalir Evermire, many of its inhabitants look for a way to leave their poor homeland behind, in search of their fortune elsewhere such as the realm of Vanaheim. The common way for a Scaali young to achieve this, is to procure a special offering to the visiting trader as a proof of that person”s independence abroad and as a “travelling ticket” to get there.

The flora and fauna of the realm consists of semi-consciouss vines, insects of varying danger, carnivorous plants and naturally, many treacherous swamps only familiar to the native dwellers. In addition, the pods of water hide some of the region’s most dangerous predators. The mire also hides sunken temples and other places of worship for the Crystal Guard.


// History – Fensalir Evermire

Pre- great race war

Great race war

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