Crystal Guard

Crystal Guard is a Thyran – wide religious order. They are responsible for upholding the previously mandatory worship of the primary Aesir deities. The pantheon of Kagutsuchi, Tsukiyomi and Hoori. The Crystal Guard also performs ceremonial rites, public prayers and soul consignments. Behind the benign public face, they hide their darker agenda from the population.

The Crystal Guard possesses a wing of armed Temple Cruisers. Their call is to restore order in the event of an uprising. At any cost. The Guard is led the High Priestess. Most of their numbers are made of Cultists. They are clad in a distinct outfit of purple cloaks and eyewear. During the Great Race War, the Cultists were armed with Plasma Staffs.

The Guard maintains multitude of both public and secret temples and shrines across Thyra. They are located anywhere from the Spelheim Desert to the Fensalir Evermire. The shrines are connected by a series of teleportation portals. The location of the group’s HQ is unknown to the world at large.

History //

The Cultists attack Midgård during the onset of the Great Race War, battling a faction of armed Felines near the Andlang Citadel.
The Crystal Guard are massacred by a faction of felines.

Crystal Guard organization insignia

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