Gray 55-27

Gray 55-27 is a callsign for an individual Raven Syndicate trader.  This individual travels the wild reaches of the world, seeking new hopeful to join the syndicate. Like 55-27, these “Gray’s” often trade with the locals, offering various technical appliances in exchange for artisanry and other exotic items. Having met a suitable hopeful, These traders often demand a so-called “offering” in exchange for a traveling ticket. An offering can be of any item of value, proof, a proof the applicant’s will and witts to survive abroad.

These traders wear gray cloaks and visor that covers their faces, offering a degree of anonymity. Their prefered mode of transportation is a terraglider, of which to load crates of cargo as they travel between the various settlements.

// History- Gray 55-27

Pre- great race war

55-27 takes Rixli away from Tiklata village on a journey to Midgård.

“Find me in the canine enclave below.”

Gray 55-27 and Tatl meet in the canine sector hangar bay. The two are tasked to acquire the Headpiece of Thoth, a valued saurian hairloom.

Rixli reunites with the trader. While they escape from Midgård, Gray is separated from the others, as the corridors collapses between then.

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