Raven Syndicate

Raven Syndicate is the most important trade guild organization on the world of Thyra. It is based on the desert realm of Spelheim. The Guild base is located in the city of Wadjet. Apart from its legal services, the Syndicate schools in smuggling and an espionage. They also deal with illegal gathering of exotic artefacts, as well as data theft and black market. They are non – aligned and thus, deal with any faction or race, Canine, Feline or Saurian alike. That is, if they are able to afford to its services.

The guild operates through its network a hooded merchants known as the Grays. They are highly appreciated in many of the rural areas, such as the Fensalir. By a visit, they bring in many supplies and technologies. In return, their mission is also to scout out potential recruits for its ranks. The Grays use Terragliders to quickly move about wares on their trade routes.  The Syndicate also sells gear to the players participating in the Breakout Live! tournament.

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Raven Syndicate Insignia
Raven Syndicate Insignia



Syndicate Terraglider

Non-lethal weapons