Matriarchate Civil Forces

Matriarchate Civil Forces are groups of hastily-organized militia teams, established at the beginning of the Great Race War. Being an assorted group of fighters, the Civil Defence Forces are nonetheless armed with military-grade firepower and an eagerness to dispense it.

Matriarchate Civil Forces personal equipment is composed of a variety of protective vests, day-to-day outfits and headgear. The weapons range from anything of their own claws and sidearms to the top-of-the-line Pulse Rifles, depending on what they could get their hands from the weapon caches previously disguised as the medical capsules.

Owing to their independent composition and lack of central command structure, the Civil Force units often act on their own feline-bred senses, rather than following any official channels. The Matriarch’s direct orders however, are another thing entirely.

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Line of Civil Force fighters advance against the Crystal Guard cultists.