Matriarchate Civil Forces

Matriarchate Civil Forces are hastily organized militia teams. Originally, they were established during the opening of the Battle of Midgård. These loose formations were created as an interim solution towards an organized military, and to flood the city with armed loyalists. Due to this upbringing, the militias lack any formal combat training. However, they are still eager combatants and should not be underestimated.

Matriarchate Civil Forces gear is a mix of different garbs. For instance, these include protective vests, street wear and headgear. The militia lacks standard weapons and as such, they tend to use what is readily available. In addition, they are supplied from the weapon caches hidden throughout Midgård. In other words, hidden inside the out-of-use medical capsules.

The individual militias often strike out on their own. Therefore, they tend to dismiss the more ‘rival’ parts of the command structure. Above all however, the matriarch’s direct orders are always obeyed to the letter.

// History – Matriarchate Civil Forces

The great race war

The Battle of Midgård

Civil Forces arm themselves for war by taking weapons from the medical capsules.

Matriarchate Civil Forces attack the Crystal Guard

Line of Civil Force fighters advances against the Crystal Guard cultists.

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