Vanaheim is the fertile homeland of the feline race. It is well- known for its beautiful pasture-like plains and huge crag stone formations. And, increased exponentially during the monthly “Lunestorm”- phenomena, unnaturally savage thunderstorms. The climate is generally mild, if a bit windy. The raining also occurs frequently and with varying intensity. All in all, Vanaheim has a few large population centres, the ultimate jewel being the capital city of Midgård. The Vanaheim is completely controlled by the Feline Matriarchate.

At the northern tip of the realm, the green plains give away to the secluded Ratatoskr Vale and at the north-east to the base of the Jotunheim mountains. Dotting its serene landscape and particularly in the steep coastline regions, are many of the ancient temples, shrines and hidden places of worship for the old aesir gods. Beyond the Ratatosk Vale at the northwest lies Thule, a closed island that is connected to the continent via a landbridge. While technically not in Vanaheim, the southwestern isle of Sorum also falls under its jurisdiction.

// History – Vanaheim

The great race war

As the matriarch frees the world of Thyra from the aesir’s influence, the entirety of Vanaheim becomes a battleground. All over the nation, the felines arise against the canines and the Crystal Guard cultists.

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