Queen Qetesh is the ruler of the Spelheim desert realm. She is the mother of prince Meru and a stalwart rival of king Ra, with both fiercely contending over the dominion of the Saurian Dynasty. Unlike her adversary, she is well-versed in the necessity of diplomacy and patience. She knows the matriarch’s power and respects it, for the necessity of Spelheim’s enduring neutrality. Nonetheless, she is still prideful enough to perform subtle acts of defiance against her feline colleague. Pride, that has earned her back a nod of respect from the matriarch. Not to mention her towering stature, that has garnered her a favourable standing as a voice of non-aligned reason.

Her attire consists of a sand-yellow sleeveless gown with a strap over her right shoulder. The robe also has a belt that carries a small pouch. The Queen two gleaming metal gauntlets at her arms and a royal crown to symbolize ger royal position. Unlike her son, Meru, she has no wings. Qetesh’s tail feathers extend into a fan-like formation well into her neck and the eyelids have a yellow painting.

// History – Qetesh

Pre- great race war

Queen sends her son to the ‘Aggregation of Freya’s Love’. An annual diplomatic reception held in Midgård.

The great race war

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