Rixli was  born and araised on the southern marshlands of the Fensalir Evermire. His home village of Tiklata and indeed, his whole hatch-brood was one of the poorest sort. So bust in fact, that they were all aptly named “Poor-Hatch” and he soon followed the ‘tradition’. An encounter with a visiting trader known only as “Gray” enflamed him to see the world, he had heard only in the stories of a passing travellers. Hitching a ride at the back of his Terraglider, the young Scaali was only happy to leave the village and to search his fortune at the distant Feline City of Midgård at the realm of Vanaheim. As he left, he swore to return and make his village prosperous one day.

Rixli carries all of his possessions in a large cylinderical gourd at his back. His outfit consists of a simple wrap of leather adorned with the Tiklata’s symbol. At his neck is a pendant made from Saurian claw and Garanna Fish’s teeth.

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Rixli Poor-Hatch Biography
Rixli Poor-Hatch Biography

Fensalir Evermire
Village of Tiklata


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