Royal Ibis-Pilots

Royal ibis-pilots are an order of carefully selected pilots in the service of the Spelheim‘s royal court. As such, they are tasked to escort high-level dignitaries and members of the royal court. In addition, they are also trained to operate its airships, specifically the Shu-class Courier Ship. Traditionally, the royal ibis-pilots operate in pairs of two, being trained to represent the queen Qetesh and prince Meru abroad. They wear green flight suits and greaves, as well as black belts and yellow helmets. Selection criteria includes a prior spotless service record, as well as physical similarities between the pilots assigned to their respective ships.

// History – Royal Ibis-Pilots

Pre – great race war

Pair of royal pilots were assigned to fly the Shu-class courier ship, carrying prince Meru to Midgård.

Suuri rotusota

Midgårdin taistelu

Having landed on Midgård, Meru’s pilots stay with the ship as he goes off to search for the matriarch.

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