Spelheim Royal Guard

Spelheim Royal Guard is directly responsible for the protection of her royal family. The guards are assembled into two watches, the “Moon Watch” and the “Sun Watch”. Each halve is numbering precisely six members at any given time. The members of the watch are codenamed numerically within their halve, for example “Third Sun” and the “First Moon”

The Spelheim Royal Guards dress in covered golden- silvery cloaks as well as large ornamental headpieces. The ceremonial outfit conceals the set of light body armour beneath them.

// History – Spelheim Royal Guard

Pre – great race war

The royal guardsman “Third Sun” accompanied prince Meru to Midgård in participation to the “Aggregation of Freya’s Love”

The great race war

The Battle of Midgård

Meru’s royal guard accompanies him through the war-torn Midgård.

“Third Sun” is shot by a feline sniper to drive prince Meru away from a combat zone.

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