Valkyrie Cadre

Valkyrie Cadre is the Matriarchate’s all-female elite commando unit. The secretive Valkyrie Cadre operates outside the authority of the regular feline army as the Matriarch’s personal weapon against any threats deemed too ‘sensitive’. This includes assasination-,  infiltration-, espionage-, sabotage and force reconnaisance missions as well as other so-called ‘black’ operations. The valkyrie candidates are “drafted” from the battlefield or as young war orphans. Most of the unit members are declared missing or killed in action.

Equipped with the best technology the Matriarchate has to offer, the valkyrie operatives are encased in unique battlesuits. They have also been augmented with genetic engineering and various combat drugs, resulting in accelerated metabolism, keen reflexes and superior combat performance. Other “improvements” include artificial, nano- fiber muscle tissue and reinforced bone structure.

// History – Valkyrie Cadre

The great race war

Battle of Midgård

Led by Skuld, the elite valkyries Mist, Eris, Hrist and Skögul launch a raid into the canine’s rear.

Mist and Eris descend from the ventilation shaft to attack the command post Odin.

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