Wadjet City is the Royal capital city of Spelheim and its largest population centre. At the centre of the city lies the Queen Qetesh’s Royal palace. Wadjet is located along the Desert’s eastern coastline, and thus offers a more mild weather than the rest of the scorching realm.

The city has a layout of a pyramid – like structures spread around the central palace, having been built with the Ibis needs in mind. Many such design features include an open – ended flight teraces and other entrances only unlockable by flying or by a certain sound tune. For ease of access by its wingless visitors, several long sky – walkways connect the adjacent buildings to one another.

The Raven Syndicate trade guild has made the city its home. For that reason, the city has a Guild – funded seaport by its harbour and a water – supply system.

The sandstorms are frequent in Wadjet, especially at night.

History //

Prince Meru leaves Wadjet for a vital diplomatic mission to the Feline realm of Vanaheim.

Prince Meru prepares to depart the Wadjet City for Vanaheim.
Wadjet City and the Queen Qetesh.

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