Meru Al’dani

Prince Meru Al’dani is the son the Queen Qetesh and as such, the sole heir to the throne of Spelheim. His first diplomatic mission to the Feline Matriarchate however, goes terribly wrong. As the Prince flees to escape the onset of the war, the canine transport he is aboard is shot down. Afterwards, he is captured by the Feline forces. To ensure Spelheim’s neutrality in the conflict, he is thus forced to compete in the Breakout by the Director Skuld. A series of live survival games inside Skuld’s bio-research facility.

As a saurian royalty, he wears an attire of finely-woven shendyt-kilt adorned with several decorative jewels. The waistline is bare and the chest is covered by a loose sleeveless vest. More ornamental gems hang on his feathered hair. Three small pearls line the brow ridge of the right eye. His left eye is usually covered by a thick hair. Unlike his mother, the Queen, he has grown wings.

// History – Meru Al’dani

Pre- great race war

Young prince is sent to the Feline capital city of Midgård for a sudden diplomatic reception in his mother’s stead. The Queen Qetesh warns his son about the Matriarch’s loyalists.

Arrival on Midgård amid the ongoing crisis.

Meru is captured by the felines and taken to director Skuld to participate in the Breakout program.

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