MUUPA series

MUUPA are a series of automated combat drones. The name stands for Multiple Utility Patrol Assault. They were built by Skuld. Several prototypes were first deployed during the Battle of Midgård. They were sent to defend it against the Crystal Guard and to pursue the Canine refugees.

All-terrain MUUPA prototype – Call Sign Cinder

The Cinder is a model equipped with a heavy Plasma repeater cannon. It’s main task is to tore through the battlefield and create opening in the enemy front lines. It’s secondary weapon is a mechnical tail. The tail is used to lash out enemies with concussing blows. It’s secondary task is to harass and pursuit the infantry.

MUUPA-series quadrupedal prototype
Quarupedal variant of the MUUPA-series opens fire during the Battle of Midgård

Aerial MUUPA prototype – Call Sign Squall

The Squall is built to survey urban environments. The drone is armed with three light Plasma Repeaters. It can engage several targets simultaneously. As a drawback, it is prone to overly analyzing its surroundings. This can be exploited with a diversionary tactics. The tactics often employed by the canine resistance.

MUUPA-series Glider stalks the canines.

History //

The MUUPA line prototypes were first deployed during the Battle of Midgård.
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