Skuld Volusia is the feline‘s Science Director. She is a cunning, highly intelligent woman. Thus, her skill at engineering is unmatched. She is an adept chemist, having created various medicines and cures. Her greatest feat is the MUUPA line. The MUUPA’s are a series of advanced combat drones. While spending most of her time at her laboratory, she’s not above in entering the battlefield in pursuit of more “samples”.

Director Volusia is in charge for the feline’s technical prowess and wellness. This however, comes at the cost of many saurian and canine lives. She shares a motherly link to her adoptee, Zisa. She is one of the 13 Matriarchate Clan Crest, being a chieftess of the Clan Volusia.

Controlling a survival show called the BREAKOUT, she is set to evolve the combat potential of the other races. This is done by weighting her captives with prototype military hardware, such as exowings and experimental stealth gear.


// History – Skuld

The great race War

Battle of Midgård

Skuld undertakes a dangerous incursion into the Crystal Guard headquarters at the Temple Prime. Upon returning, she leads her valkyrie special forces to raid the canine sector.

After the Battle of Midgård, an ibis mercenary ship has crashed in pursuit of Odin. An incident, that apparently interests her greatly.

She acquires the Headpiece of Thoth from an unknown mercenary pilot.

Skuld sees to Meru. She is attended by her new apprentice, Zisa. Thus, the saurian prince is forced to join the Breakout games at her underground laboratory. This is done to assure the kingdom of Spelheim’s neutrality in the Great Race War.

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