Skuld Volusia is the Feline‘s Science Director. She is a cunning, highly intelligent woman. Her skill at engineering is unmatched. She is an adept chemist. Her greatest feat is the MUUPA line. A series of combat drones. While spending most of her time at the laboratory, she’s not above in entering the battlefield.

Director Volusia is in charge for the Feline’s technical prowess and wellness. This comes at the cost of many Saurian and Canine lives. She shares a motherly link to her adoptee, Zisa. Her clan rank is the Crest.

She controls a survival show called the BREAKOUT. A program set to evolve the combat potential of the other races. This is done by weighting her captives with various upgrades.

Skuld History //

The attack on the Hangar Bays.

Feline prancing the Canine hallway.
Director Volusia at the Hangar gates.
Skuld examines the captured Prince Meru
Skuld examines the captured Prince Meru

Skuld sees Meru. She is attended by Zisa. The Saurian Prince is forced to join the Breakout games at her underground laboratory. This is done to assure the kingdom of Spelheim’s neutrality in the Great Race War.

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Skuld Volusia - Feline Medical Director
Skuld Volusia