Tatl is a Saurian Nagai merchant hailing from the Iron Woods of Jarnvidr. He is well-known for his exotic collection of small merchandise as well as deep business connections to the Raven Syndicate Trade Guild. And lLike the Syndicate, he maintains a lawful business front, yet carries a little concern for the “provenience” of his items. Items, which of many are ill-gotten. Tatl, however experienced and knowing his customers well, always comes up with a riveting story for the aqcquisition of any of his goods.

He always carries plenty of merchandise with him in a series of pouches and packs, which are placed around his serpentine body in belts for a quick access and displays of exhibit. His outfits are tailored for a warm weather, which include various ponchos and headcoverings. He has a set of simple metal claps on arms. His waistline is covered by a common Saurian shendyt-kilt.

Tatl History

Tatl is seeking a lost Saurian heirloom, a fabled Headpiece of Thoth to add to his collection. Having heard rumours of the artefact being in the possession of the Ibis Royalty, he travels to the Feline city of Midgård to catch the glimpse of the visiting Prince. And perhaps something more.

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Tatl render
Tatl render