Originally just a sewage worker, Artika rose to become the first Canine rebel leader. He led many of his kin to escape the city of Midgård at the outbreak of the Great Race War. At the waning of the night, he commanded the early resistance group from his command post Alpha. He sent a group of Saurian and Canine refugees to the last transport ship set to escape the besieged rebel holdout.

In the chaos, the escape transport was shot down. He was captured and taken to the Feline bio-research center. The captive rebel was approarched by Skuld Volusia and given a choice to compete in the Breakout. A live survival game, at the promised reward of being allowed to return to the fight.

He wears a standard service attire consisting of a black sleeveless bodyglove, blue vest and a waistguard. The legs are protected by a reinforced kneepads. He also has a pair of black gloves.

History //

Artika is rescued by his colleague Tier, having lost concsciousness during the Crystal Guard’s attack.

Artika is saved by his companion, Tier.
Aided to his feet, he and his companion begin their dangerous ascent from the ruined skyscraper.

The two are met by a group of other canine survivors who agree to form an armed resistance against the Matriarchate.

The birth of the Resistance.
The survivors agree to follow Artika and make their way to the Canine Sector.

Canines are ambushed at their makeshift command post, forcing the surviving rebels to retreat.

Artika takes cover behind the barricade.
Tier provides covering fire for Artika.

Having almost made his escape aboard the last evacuation transport, he is captured and brought to the Director Skuld.

Artika is held captive in the Andlang Citadel.
Artika is examined closely by Skuld.

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Artika Tempest-Fur - resistance fighter
Artika Tempest-Fur