Aesir Deities

The Aesir are an ancient race of lost Thyran deities. Before the onset of the great race war, the felines, canines and saurians possessed their own chief guardian gods. Known deities of the Aesiriarchy are Kagutsutchi, Tsukiyomi and Hoori respectively. In addition, an unnamed Fourth One existed at one time of the world. Hoori of the original three disappared at some point in time, while taking a portion of his Ibis-kind to the legendary floating island of Alfheim.

The worship of the race has been banned by the Feline Matriarchate, and judging all transgressors to the mandatory “resocialization” process. Following that, a reintegration back into the feline society. Despite the measures to cull these acts, the radical Crystal Guard cultist continue to secretly worship the aesir race. Their practices include old worship rites and include religious blood rituals as well as the soul sacrifices known as blót. The blót also includes a large feast to honour the offering.

// History – Aesir Deities

Pre- great race war

The deities are only seldomly seen, preferring to operate through proxies or Crystal Guard agents. Many sculpures and statues however, were fashioned in their name as to remind the population of their continued presence.

Aesir statue in the Fensalir Evermire.

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