Zisa Ar’ceth Saberion is a faithful and courteous apprentice to the Director Skuld Volusia. After the Battle of Midgård, Skuld adopted the homeless Smilodon as her personal assistance and apprentice. In effect, she became her adoptive daughter. Being young and clumsy however, her attempts to impress often backfire. Yet, she’s honest and eager to learn. A trait deeply valued by her master. As a medic, is also one to eagerly (more or less) patch the Breakout competitors back together. She hails from the Ratatoskr Vale, The Clan Saberion’s northern enclave. Due to her Sabre- upbringing, she has a great resilience against the harsh environments. Thus, the young Sabre bears a considerable endurance and physical strength for her size and strain.

Her attire consits of a sleeveless top, armoured vest and pants. The waist has a protective belt. The vest is marked by a black Matriarchate logo and her name. Both of her thighs also have a single utility belt. She has a heterochromic eyes. The right one is light brown, the left one being gray. Fur is adorned by blue markings on the cheeks, neck and arms. Due to her young age, the sabertooth are relatively small. The hair is short and unkempt.

// History – Zisa Ar’ceth Saberion

The great race war

Post – Battle of Midgård

Director Skuld finds the orphaned Smilodon after the Battle of Midgård and adopts her as an assistant.


As Skuld’s student, she takes a look to examine the Breakout competitors up close.

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